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Liberty Lake Welcomes Anita Eylar

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Anita Eylar, Activities and Events Associate for the City of Liberty Lake, joined the staff in April 2019.

When asked what the responsibilities of her new role are, Eylar responded, “I help coordinate all the events and activities in the city, work on special projects, help the horticulturist with landscaping and gardening (I like that part a lot), and things I don’t even know about yet. I have a very flexible and diverse position that supports all the departments I work with.”

The position was filled by an intern last year. However, the city’s growth and increased workload prompted the need to create and fill the full-time position.

Eylar is looking forward to helping the city be successful in all its endeavors and growth. “I want to make a positive difference for the citizens, who are the core of the city,” states Eylar. “A city is made by its citizens and what they contribute to create a community. Every day is a new experience and there is such a positive energy here! I want to accomplish any work I can that will benefit the city and its citizens.”

The things Eylar likes most about the city of Liberty Lake is its old neighborhood feel, the safeness of walking the city streets and the opportunity in the city with the “parks, lake, trails, playgrounds, golf courses, library, recreation, community groups and activities, the list goes on and on,” she said.

Eylar wanted to be sure to say, “If you see me in a 50’s Willys pick up, or a Cancun blue Harley Davidson around town, wave hello!”

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