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More Multi-family Units in Store for Liberty Lake

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Centennial Properties has applied for a Binding Site Plan to allow the construction of 408 multi-family units on the rear half of the property adjacent to the new Ridgeline High School with approximately an additional 340,000 sq. ft. of future commercial on the half of the property that fronts Country Vista Drive.

Lisa Keys, Director/Planner, of Liberty Lake Planning, Engineering & Building, states, “They have gone through SEPA and technical review, while the project is “approvable,” they were required to submit some revisions based upon the technical review. We are waiting on their revisions to issue a final written decision that would then allow them to bring forward a final binding site plan and record of survey to record, which is necessary for them to close on the property. After that, they would still need to submit building permits, go through design review, etc.”

The property owner, Centennial Properties, has a potential buyer who is planning to take over the “Liberty Lake Multi-Family” Binding Site Plan (a.k.a. “Katerra BSP”) project, but the Planning, Engineering & Building office has not yet received the updated submittals. Therefore, they do not know the official name of the entity taking over the project (at present, the applicant is Centennial). 

Keys states, “Given the timeline to finalize the Preliminary Binding Site Plan, and record the final Binding Site Plan and record of survey (which are necessary for the buyer to close on the property), I do not think they will even have closed on the property until later this fall.  Beyond that, I do not know what their intended schedule is.”

Click here to view Mixed Use Binding Site Plan

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