Letter to the Editor: Regarding Dg Garcia and Liberty Lake City Council Position 1

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Dear Editors:

I had the privilege of meeting Dg Garcia while she was walking her dog, Luce, earlier this summer. Her decision to run for Liberty Lake City Council Position 1 was not about running against Phil Folyer, but running for her principles and her constituents.

While she lacked only 289 votes to gain elected office, she won the respect, hearts, and votes of many who would never have voted during this election cycle without her active engagement.

While this was a non-partisan race, Dg Garcia won votes from many independents, libertarians, Democrats, and Republicans alike. With no disrespect to Phil Folyer, conservatives like me voted for Dg Garcia because she asked for our vote first and she represents my values. As a Veteran Caregiver, I appreciate her service in the Air Force, as I appreciate Phil Folyer’s Army service.

What is certain is the greater access Veterans all have to elected offices, the more connected civilian life becomes to Military values of service above self. I hope Phil will engage Dg in working with the City of Liberty Lake, as she has a lot to offer constituents. Congratulations to everyone who ran for office, and to those who won.

When we abide the highest ideals of our constitutional Republic, the democratic process really works. I am proud that Dg and Phil both set this example, that others may emulate them.

Thanks for listening.


Heidi Christensen
Liberty Lake, WA

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