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Last Updated 05/28/2019
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Of course any donation helps and is greatly appreciated. Word of mouth and spreading the word on social media is a great way to keep the ball rolling. I'll also have yard signs if you are willing to put one in your yard so your neighbors know who you are supporting.

Meet the Candidate

Cris campaign signI am a 13-year resident of Liberty Lake and have been honored to represent the citizens as a City Council Member since January of 2010.

My husband and I celebrated our 23rd anniversary in May and have the awesome job of raising our 16-year-old son who is in full college-visit mode. In my “spare” time, I serve on the Steering Committee for Spokane Valley Young Life, love to trail run, play the piano, and care for our fur-babies.

I earned my bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Miami University (Ohio) and went on to pursue my MBA at the University of Tampa. After spending 20+ years in Project and Account management in the electronics manufacturing industry, I made a leap in 2017 to join the Sales Enablement team at TierPoint where I have fully embraced being on the business operations side of a cutting-edge technology company.

My commitment to City Council started in the spring of 2009 when I began to be a regular at the City Council meetings to educate myself about our city government and the challenges the council and staff were facing. This enabled me to hit the ground running when I was appointed to Position 7 in January 2010.

That commitment has not waivered over the last 9+ years. I earned my Certificate of Municipal Leadership through the Association of Washington Cities and am on track to complete my Advanced Certificate in early July. In addition to Council workshops and meetings, I regularly attend events put on by Greater Spokane Incorporated, The Greater Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce, Association of Washington Cities, and The Alliance for Innovation. In addition, I attend to the City’s booth at the Farmer’s Market almost every Saturday in the summer. These are all great avenues through which I strive to better myself to represent you.

My goals have stayed consistent throughout my tenure: Balanced residential and business growth, Fiscal Responsibility, and Open, Transparent communication with our residents. As a council, we need to leverage our resources and partnerships to keep up with the challenges of that growth. Over the years, the Central Valley School District, the Spokane Valley Fire Department, the Liberty Lake Water & Sewer District, and the Transportation Improvement Board have all been great partners in leveraging funds for the betterment of our City. We need to continue to build those relationships and to repair others that have been a bit contentious over the years, so our area as a whole can thrive.

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What qualifications or experience do you have that uniquely qualifies you to lead Liberty Lake?
I have 20+ years of Project and Program Management experience – managed multi-million-dollar projects while directing cross functional teams from Quality, Engineering (design, electrical, manufacturing, packaging), Manufacturing, Purchasing, and Compliance. During that time, I was also the Account Manager for my projects and was responsible for communication between my customer’s team and my own. I learned very quickly how to have hard but productive discussions while working toward a solution that was acceptable to all parties. During my 9+ years on City Council, I have served on the Finance, Community Development, and Public Safety Committees. I fully understand the City’s budget, funding sources, and expenditures. I am also committed to meeting with residents to gather input whether positive, negative, or neutral and acting on that feedback. I have developed good relationships with other government entities and officials to build alliances for the advancement of the region. Throughout my professional career and public service, I have honed in my ability to separate my personal opinions from facts and public feedback to make decisions in the best interest of our residents.
Qualifications Quick List:

  • Certificate of Municipal Leadership – Association of Washington Cities
  • Advanced Certificate of Municipal Leadership in process – Association of Washington Cities
  • BA Psychology, Miami University
  • TierPoint Awards – Outstanding Service, Game Changer, Sales Appreciation (twice)
What is your "day job" and how will that affect or influence your ability to serve the community?
I am currently the Team Lead for the Western U.S. Sales Support team at the Liberty Lake office of TierPoint. I am extremely lucky that my boss and employer are very supportive of my involvement on the City Council. I have been able to take vacation days and other PTO time to attend different events and trainings knowing that I have a team backing me up while I am out. They fully respect my time off to pursue educating myself more about municipal government. Another benefit of working so close to home is the additional flexibility I have to meet with residents in Liberty Lake during the work-day.
Why do you want to serve Liberty Lake?
When I initially ran for Council in 2009, I just wanted to get involved. My father, Council Member Bob Moore, was Chairman of the Planning Commission and then served on City Council in the town I grew up in. I was fascinated by the projects he was involved in and thought it was time for me to do my part to give back. Here we are, 10 years later. My overall motivation is still the same, but there is still so much to do. There are a lot of projects on the horizon that we have been working on or talking about for years. I am excited about the possibility of being able to see a lot of those come to fruition.
What do you see as Liberty Lake's greatest challenge? How will you overcome it?
Our biggest challenge is growth. Unfortunately, a lot of that growth is out of our hands. Densities are governed by the Growth Management Act and the council cannot “down-zone” any of the vacant land. We have struggled to stay ahead of the game with regards to traffic, but we are starting to catch up. Since tying the Utility Tax to the Streets Fund, we have been able to manage our pavement and streets plans more efficiently. We have leveraged grants from the Transportation Improvement Board to pay for up to 75% of a lot of our projects, and developers pay a self-imposed fee per unit to contribute to infrastructure. The TIF and LIFT programs have been and will continue to be another great set of assets to help with streets and other infrastructure in the River District and to improve the connection to the south side of I-90.
What do you see as Liberty Lake's greatest strength? How will you build on that?
Our greatest strength is our residents. Cliché, I know, but it’s so true. I spend a lot of time on social media and almost every Saturday in the Summer talking to residents – old, new, and potential – about Liberty Lake. People genuinely care about our community and want to see us thrive. They pitch in when people are down; They come in droves to help search for a missing kid; They show up on a Saturday to clean up the garbage along the highway fence behind Home Depot; They volunteer to shovel the driveways of people unable to handle the snow; They speak out when there is an unsafe traffic condition; and they come out to gather and celebrate at our fabulous parks in the summer. How many communities can say that? Our people are our future and we need to listen to them. I will continue to spend my free time interacting freely with our citizens and taking their suggestions to staff and council. We can’t be everywhere at once or see every potential issue. That’s why need to rely on our residents for feedback, and that feedback needs to be taken seriously.
How long have you been a resident of Liberty Lake?
13 years
In which Liberty Lake neighborhood do you live?
The Meadows, just north of Liberty Lake Elementary
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