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Last Updated 07/21/2019
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Please tell anyone willing to listen, vote Phil Folyer position #1. I have many yard signs for those willing to display one. I am self funding my campaign.

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Phil Folyer campaign signI am originally a farm boy from Wisconsin. Moved to Otis Orchards in 1989, then to Liberty Lake in 1999. I have been in construction my entire adult life. I have also been in the Army National Guard for 21 years retiring as an E-8 1st Sergeant. I was 12B which means combat engineer. I always joked with people by saying “during the week I would swing a hammer to build a home and when I put on the uniform it was time to blow something up”. I worked with chop saws and C-4, but still have all my fingers. I have the most loving & supportive wife, if not for her I wouldn’t be able to do most of these things. I’ve had many great experiences representing the Spokane Home Builders along with the state organization BIAW. I have owned my own home building business for 15 years. I enjoy building homes but I love building relationships with the homeowners. A few things I am a firm believer in are as follows. Learn from my mistakes, respect others, respect is earned, do what you say you will do, be open to debate, lead by example, you get what you pay for and communicate just to name a few. The thing I most enjoy is being part of the discussion, being part of the solution, then implement the final decision. It’s not for money or recognition, there’s just a part of me that says “be part of the equation with the best intentions for our city.” I have seen this city grow from the beginning. I plan to stay until she’s built out. I only want to see the best going forward, that’s why I’m running for position 1. Thank you!

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Qualifications Quick List:

  • Small business owner for 15 years as a Homebuilder
  • 2019 City of Liberty Lake Planning Commission Chair
  • 2012 & 2015 Spokane Home Builders Association President
  • State Board of Director at Building Industry Association of Washington, 6 years
  • Retired veteran with Army National Guard, Rank E-8 1st Sergeant
What is your "day job" and how will that affect or influence your ability to serve the community?
I own & operate a home building business in the Spokane area. I mostly build custom homes, but do build a few spec homes every year. Being self employed does allow me the flexibility to be available as needed. I believe my background in construction will be an asset to the city regarding the capital improvements discussion we will be having for years to come. As a home builder, I know the importance of establishing a realistic budget to minimize cost over runs. I believe that approach is in the best interest of the city.
Why do you want to serve Liberty Lake?
All my adult life I have been involved in something other than my "day job". I believe that getting involved is the best way to make a difference. For these reasons, I decided it was time to make a difference close to home. My goal is to bring new leadership and experience to the city council. As the city grows, future discussions will revolve around capital improvements and best use of funding. I understand the importance of sound budgeting and investments that will benefit the residents. Public safety, parks, trails and events are all assets we need to embrace to the fullest. I believe my experience will bring new perspective to the equation which will benefit residents and businesses within the city. I have lived in Liberty Lake for 20 years; I want to ensure our city remains vibrant for years to come.
What do you see as Liberty Lake's greatest challenge? How will you overcome it?
Transportation improvements, long term maintenance and revenue. 2 long awaited traffic improvement projects are in the horizon, they truly need 100% support by all parties. As the city ages, we must keep maintenance a high priority to ensure long term success. Revenue sources should have a balanced approach to ensure the city does not become susceptible to any single form of revenue.
What do you see as Liberty Lake's greatest strength? How will you build on that?
Public safety is top 5 in the state. New schools and transportation projects. Year round events. Farmer's market. Parks, open space and walking trails. Golf course & Library. None of it means much without the residents that live here, the residents make this city special. How do we build on it? We promote & protect all of the above.
How long have you been a resident of Liberty Lake?
20 years
In which Liberty Lake neighborhood do you live?
Legacy Ridge
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