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Last Updated 07/03/2019

Shane Brickner

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The best way for people to support my campaign is to help spread the word to their Liberty Lake friends and neighbors. Some great ways to do that include posting on social media about why you're supporting my campaign, displaying a yard sign in your yard, and just talking to your neighbors about why this race matters to you.

We have a volunteer sign-up form that lets us know how people would like to get involved, whether that's asking for a yard sign, wearing a campaign button, or hosting a candidate meet and greet to introduce me to their neighbors.

People can let us know how they'd like to help here:

We also greatly appreciate financial support to help reach more voters. Anyone that would like to contribute can do so here:

I appreciate all forms of support, and I am working hard to earn every vote!

Meet the Candidate

My wife Jamie and I have two grown kids, Talon and Katie, and our youngest Gracie, who attends Liberty Lake Elementary. We also have two dogs that are part of our family, Duke and Harley. We’re excited to be welcoming our first grandchild later this fall!

We’ve lived in Liberty Lake for 15 years. I love this city, and I believe in giving back to it by doing everything I can to keep it safe and prosperous. I’ve served on our city council for 8 years, including as Mayor Pro Tem for the last four years. I have also served as a volunteer reserve officer with the Liberty Lake Police Department for over 12 years.

I believe in transparency and accountability, in life and in our government. My priority is making sure that our city’s needs are met in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible. I want to lead our city by proactively planning for the future, to make sure that our city’s inevitable growth is handled wisely, and for the betterment of our community. I won’t be frivolous with our city’s resources. I will continue to listen to the members of our community to help best represent our city’s interests.

I will work tirelessly to ensure a brighter future for Liberty Lake. I would be honored to earn your vote.

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Qualifications Quick List:

  • BA in Interdisciplinary Studies with emphasis on Criminology and Education from EWU.
  • Multiple leadership courses, including effective leadership communication training.
  • Volunteer of the Year Award recipient from LLPD multiple years.
  • Everyday Heroes Award recipient from Pacific Northwest District Kiwanis.
Additional Community Involvement:
  • Founder of Griefshare.
  • Former Little League President.
What is your "day job" and how will that affect or influence your ability to serve the community?
I have worked in management and team building most of my professional career. I have extensive executive management experience, overseeing multiple departments, and multi-million dollar budgets. My work in law enforcement, the Spokane County Opioid Task Force, Spokane County Mental Health Task Force - Drop the Stigma program, and my experience founding the local Griefshare program have all helped me hone my ability to listen to the concerns of our community, and lead with both strength and compassion.
Why do you want to serve Liberty Lake?
I want to continue to serve Liberty Lake, because I believe in giving back to the community that I love. I always work to be part of the solution, rather than part of the problem. Through my years of public service on the city council and the police department, I have demonstrated my dedication and commitment to making our community the best we can be. I will continue to serve and protect our community as Mayor.
What do you see as Liberty Lake's greatest challenge? How will you overcome it?
I disagree with the current Mayor’s frivolous approach to our city’s finances, and his lack of foresight and planning for city projects.

Recent examples of his mistakes include:

  • The power box for the traffic light at Signal being placed on a corner that blocked the view of traffic, which I objected to at the time. After the fact, it was determined that my concerns were valid, and it cost the city an additional $30k to have to move the box to prevent liability.
  • We’re already receiving complaints about a lack of parking at the new Orchard Park, which I voiced concerns about as soon as I saw the designs.
  • The tennis courts at Orchard Park were not finished properly, which is going to cost the city an additional $70k to fix.
These issues were avoidable, had the Mayor been sufficiently engaged in the decision making process, listened to the concerns of the city council, and the experts we hired for these projects.

I have dedicated the last 8 years on the city council trying to improve our planning and transparency. I’ve assessed and predicted challenges with projects that we’ve worked on, that would have saved our city money had they not been ignored by him. I’m now running for Mayor, because I think our city deserves a more cognizant approach to project and budget management.

My budgeting priorities include:
  • Keeping taxes low by making sure projects are done right the first time, avoiding costly do-overs.
  • Ensure the means of funding city projects are approved by the city council before commitments are made.
  • Streamline business code enforcement processes to reduce and simplify the red tape.
  • Attract new businesses to diversify the city’s tax revenue base to continue our quality city services into the future.
What do you see as Liberty Lake's greatest strength? How will you build on that?
As one of the top five safest cities in the state, public safety is one of our greatest strengths. We have an exceptional police department, and very engaged community members who try to watch out for each other. As a volunteer police officer, I have been proud to help keep this city safe. As Mayor, I would continue to keep public safety a top priority. To strengthen our sense of community, I would also like to build on programs that encourage connecting with our neighbors, particularly for our local families and senior community members.
How long have you been a resident of Liberty Lake?
15 years
In which Liberty Lake neighborhood do you live?
The Meadows
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