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Last Updated 08/09/2019

Tom Stanley

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1819 N Oakland St , Liberty Lake, 99019

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The best way is to talk to your neighbors, friends, and family that live in Liberty Lake. Tell them about my vision for Liberty Lake. You can contact me to put a sign in your yard.

Meet the Candidate

Thomas Stanley has become who he is today because of 23 years of marriage to Sharon, parenting five children (ranging from 19 years to four years of age), serving in the Army and National Guard for 8 years, with tours in Jordan and Iraq, and working as a manager at Southwest Airlines for over 17 years.  These experiences have helped Thomas learn that leadership is defined by serving others, hard work and integrity. Along with his experiences, Thomas has an Associate of Arts degree in Business Administration from Keiser University.

Because of his excellent work-habits, relational ability and outstanding leadership, Thomas has been promoted multiple times at Southwest Airlines.  His last promotion brought him to Liberty Lake, WA in 2015. Since he has moved to Liberty Lake, he has developed a passion for the town and has gotten involved in coaching and leading Little League and is now running for city council.

Thomas is ready to help Liberty Lake continue to be a great place to live for a long time.  He is the right person for city council because his unique background and experience has given him the ability to put the needs of others first, while positively engaging and collaborating with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

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What qualifications or experience do you have that uniquely qualifies you to lead Liberty Lake?
Over 20 plus years of leadership roles in the military and business sector. I have experience in hiring, budgets, procurement. My Community volunteerism with Ronald McDonald House, Habitat for Humanity, Little League Baseball. These roles have helped me lead in a variety of contexts with a diverse group of people. Collaboration. Servant-leadership. Sacrifice. I have experience making tough decisions when the pressure was high.
Qualifications Quick List:

AA in business administration
What is your "day job" and how will that affect or influence your ability to serve the community?
I work as an airline manager. I’m in charge and held accountable to a budget that is over 3 million dollars annually. I lead a staff of over 50 people. Setting goals and making sure we hit our target number.
Why do you want to serve Liberty Lake?
I believe it is important for all citizens to get involved. This is the right time and the right place to run. The current city council has an average tenure of 10 years. I will work to continue to keep our wonderful city a place where people can work, play, and live!
What do you see as Liberty Lake's greatest challenge? How will you overcome it?
Our Infrastructure has been pasted by our growth. I will make sure in the future we will not grow to just grow. Can our traffic handle the growth? Also, do we have enough Amenities to support the growth?
What do you see as Liberty Lake's greatest strength? How will you build on that?
Community pride is our biggest strength. I want to promote good citizenship through volunteerism, Our Community gets better when everyone get involved.
How long have you been a resident of Liberty Lake?
4 years
In which Liberty Lake neighborhood do you live?
Rocky Hill
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