Liberty Lake Gazette welcomes photos from the community. There are the few things to note:

  • You must own rights to the photo.
  • Photos must have been taken by you or the photographer must have given you permission to use. Simply giving the photographer photo credit does not equal permission.
  • Public domain or stock photos from the internet are not accepted.
  • If you submit a photo to the the Gazette, you are giving them license to use that photo as they wish.
  • Photos will all be cropped to a 16:9 ratio.
  • Preferred dimensions are 1200 x 675 at 72 dpi.
  • May be sent in PNG, EPS, PSD, PDF, JPG, JPEG and more. Preferred file extension is JPG saved at 80%
  • Vertical (portrait) format photos will rarely (closer to never) be published. Please only submit horizontal (landscape).
  • If a photo is not in the preferred format, ratio, or dimensions; it may be cropped or resized by the art department.
  • Liberty Lake Gazette is happy to provide photo credit and watermarks are acceptable.

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